June 20, 2012

Sweating in the Dark

by kcolby
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2205 – Since we did a quick brew on Father’s Day, we had to do a midnight brew to finish our second batch: the Sweat. Here we sit munching on ice cream on a Tuesday night while the water boils and the Sparge continues. We have to get the Sweat done so it’s ready for 4th of July. Our California Common, (not a Steam, no, no. I have no idea what you’re talking about. It’s a CA Common all the way.) tends to be the favorite.

2239 – And the rain begins. Too bad we don’t have anything to comfort us….Oh wait.

2255 – Sparge at 5.8 brix. Moving right along.

2320 – Hey, look. If you bring the grain cooler and the keggle with the Wort under cover, it stops raining. If we would brew more often, we could totally figure out how to control the weather. What happens if we drink home brew under the full moon in the middle of a drought?

2329 – 4.2 brix…almost.

2347 – Efficiency sucked this time. We started the boil, but it doesn’t look good. The crush looks fine, not completely pulverized, but we don’t see any full husks. We mixed and ran more water through to Sparge which gave us less than 3 brix. There’s nothin’ left in the grain. Let’s hope the boil mixes the Wort giving us a more favorable reading.

0021 – 12.50 brix as it approaches boil. We are no longer panicking.

0042 – Nice, heavy boil. First Amarillo Gold in. 60 minutes of boil left. Who’s idea was this again?

0143 – Boil off. Cool, baby, cool. We’ve got work in the morning!

0200 – So much more fun when we’re watching Legend of Neil at the same time.

0230 – Shake it well, Padawan. Aerate that baby like I taught you!

0244 – Everyone is put away. Time for a little, and I MEAN a little, shut eye.

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