June 17, 2012

Father’s Day Brewing

by kcolby
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1100 – In celebration of Father’s Day, we decided to have a light brewing day. We’re only making 10 gallons of Bavarian Hefeweizen. It’s not even noon and the Houston heat forced us to open our first refreshing beer of the day: Simpler Times Lager.

We were greeted by a slightly fruity smell. So it was no surprise when the almost apple flavor blended with the grain. The beer finished very clean, almost like a cider. Perfect drinking beer for the hot day.

1225 – The Sparge is taking way too long. We’re still working on balancing a slow trickle with not sitting around all day drinking beer waiting for the Sparge to complete. Well, maybe there’s nothing wrong with a slow Sparge. It IS Father’s Day after all.

1235 – Sparge at 5 brix and we only have seven gallons. Our goal is 4 brix. Let’s hope the Wort stays at 5 until we get closer to 12 gallons.

1300 – We gave up at 9 gallons. But the total was still up at 13.3 brix. The magic of Beersmith told us we could add 2.5 gallons of water and still turn out good to go. Off to the boil.

1438 – Hefe is Boiling away in the Kettle. The Wort has darkened up a fair bit, but it’s still obviously going to come out very light.

1510 – Hose epic fail. Tried to patch it back together with no luck. Duct tape, don’t fail us now!!!

1520 – The Hefe looks beautiful!

1622 – In go the yeast, Weihenstephan Weizen. Eat, breed, and be happy yeast. So we can imbibe and be happy!

1639 – You know, when we said we needed a keg emptied, we didn’t realize Scott would take us so seriously. At least, we have room for more beer now!!!

1719 – We’re done before dark! Happy Father’s Day!!!


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