Brewday Wrap-up: January 7th

So I’m late in posting this. “Things” have been getting in the way.

We did brew on the 7th which turned out to be an absolutely perfect day for brewing.  Weather cooperated (aside form a few sprinkles in the morning) and the temps were fantastic.

We started with the Irish Red Ale and hit all of our numbers, Temp, Gravity and Volume. The boil went great and everything looks like this is going to turn out to be an excellent beer.

We also took the opportunity to replace one of the faucets on the Keezer with a new Perlick 525SS. It pours beautifully, especially with an excellent batch of Texas Sweat on tap.

The second beer (the SIPA) didn’t go quite as well.  We hit our gravity and volume numbers no problem (we’re getting pretty good at this). However, (you knew there had to be a hitch) we didn’t hit the mash temps we were aiming for.  It’ll probably come out too dry and thin but we’ll see what happens.

We still need to work on not taking through the day, maybe a handy dandy log sheet would make this easier.

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  1. Well, the fermentation went off without a hitch. Both beers started fermenting the following morning at a temperature of 64F. As of today, they look done and should be racked to secondary this Sunday. I believe the SIPA needs to be dry hopped. The Red just needs to be cleared up some before bottling.

  2. This being the first time to brew with these 3 crazy guys, i had a blast and was a little tipsy at the end of the day. Everything that i tasted was great and i’m sure that that the RED and the SIPA will turn out great.