December 28, 2011

First Brewday of 2012 and First Post

by kcolby
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We’re going to be brewing on January 7th. This will be our first Brewday of 2012 and is continuing our recent trend of keeping the keezer stocked as well as pushing our boundaries with new styles and new recipes.  This post however starts a new tradition (at least for me) of posting to the greater interwebs our exploits and follies in a fit of narcissism and necessity.  Narcicissim because I hope others will follow and enjoy my ramblings and Necessity because I believe we need to be better at recording what we’ve done and what the results were so that we can learn from our own past.

As usual we’ll be starting early (0700 is pretty typical) and going until we finish. I’ll post a write-up of the day after we finish.

The first brew of the day will be an Irish Red Ale.  We’re brewing 5 gallons of this ale primarily at the request of Henry Senior. Since it’s for Senior, we’ll be bottling this batch.  I’m personally looking forward to going through the full bottling process since I’ve been spoiled by kegging right off the bat.

The second beer of the day will be a small experimental batch.  We’re calling the style a SIPA or Session IPA. The goal is to make a beer that tastes like an IPA but has a significantly lower ABV which of course means we can drink a lot more of it! Since it’s an experiment we’ll only be making a small batch of this, probably 2 or 3 gallons. The final volume and recipe hasn’t been completely settled on yet.

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